In the beginning, Carnoux-in-Provence was a plain of Provence desert, almost deprived of drinking water, calcined by the sun. Bought by the repatriates of Morocco at the towns of Aubagne and Roquefort-the-Bédoule, it became in a generation the jewel of the east of Marseilles. Hardly at a few minutes of the Blackcurrant beach, located in the zone known as “surface of adhesion” of the National park of the Creeks, it attracts tourists more and more.

he city extends on 4 kilometers, of is in west, in a now green small valley thanks to its inhabitants, between two hills dominating Aubagne in north and Cassis in the south.
Carnussiens, old or new, perfectly used all the surface legally buildable, which makes of Carnoux a homogeneous whole of buildings of downtown area, villas with the “Morrocan woman” with a flat roof in terrace, and villas of Provence with the tiles red.
Despite everything, the green areas are numerous and each inhabitant puts a point of honor to maintain his garden and his flowers. It is besides what attracts the eye as soon as one penetrates in the city, a greenery of Provence, maintained well which equips the main roads.

Vieux Carnoux
1 - Carnoux in 1957 2 - Carnoux to day3 - The market of Carnoux

he conveniences on the spot are important with 50 tradesmen and two supermarkets, without forgetting the markets of Provence of Thursday and Saturday, the whole supplemented by the immediate Blackcurrant proximity, Aubagne, Gémenos and Ciotat and their tradesmen and markets respective.
On the level cultural and architectural, the new media library achieves the unanimity and offers for a very moderate price an access unlimited to all that is written and digitized.
The strong presence of associations supports the contacts and animations other than those organized by the Municipality like the fireworks of July 14, the fairs and vacuum-attics, the carnival, etc… On August 15, the pilgrimage of Notre Dame of Africa gathers Pied-noir France to carry in procession the Black Virgin to the wood Cross which dominates Carnoux.
Each district of Carnoux gave to its streets names of personalities which exerted their talents in the same field: one sees there the district of the poets, that of the scientists, that of the generals, etc…
Heights of Carnoux, accessible to foot, one can admire on a side the valley of Huveaune to Marseilles, other the Blackcurrant bay and his famous Cape Canaille.

4 - The 'Cap Canaille' and Cassis seen of the allotment

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